Depawater can solve your waste water treatment problems!

When you build your lovely new home and get settled in, the last thing on your mind is your septic tank!   It sits below the ground, hidden away, working hard to treat the waste water from your home.  If your treatment tank is maintained regularly then you will have peace of mind that your tank is running smoothly, you are not polluting any water ways and that you are compliant with your consent to discharge.


We service all types of septic tanks!

good installation of Tricel waste water treatment tank 2
good installation of Tricel waste water treatment tank

Some lovely examples of Tricel treatment tanks that have been installed at customer’s homes.

Septic tanks are Out of Sight so we often forget about them..  until… we experience a SMELL or our tank has a blockage!


Don’t Worry – Help is at hand!!

If you choose the Tricel brand in Northern Ireland, you will have the full support of Depawater for your project from start to finish.  The Tricel waste water treatment plant is so easy to install.  After you have it installed, you then ring Depawater to commission your treatment tank and we will check it is working correctly.  You can rest easy knowing you have the full support of Depawater.  We service all types of septic tanks!

Should have gone to Tricel

How would I know if I have a problem with my septic tank?

  • One of the first signs you might notice is a bad ODOUR either around the septic tank or inside your home.
  • Your toilets may back up into your home.
  • You may have damp, soggy areas of land around your septic tank or soakaway.
  • Your treatment tank may fill up faster than usual.
  • Your tank may alarm.
  • The manhole before or after your tank may be filling up suggesting there is a blockage.
wipes in tanks

Totally preventable!

This is a picture of a septic tank that Depawater was called out to service.

The customer had complained of a foul odour at the tank.

A large amount of wipes were removed from inside the tank.

Wipes should not be flushed down toilets.  They may say they are biodegradeable but they do NOT break down in the short time they are in the tank.

Wipes lead to blockages.

Blockages lead to SMELLS.

ONLY Number 1’s, Number 2’s and toilet paper should be flushed down the toilets.

We service all types of septic tanks!

Why might I have a problem with my waste water treatment tank?


  • Have you got your tank emptied/desludged? Many people think that their treatment tank does not need to be emptied.  If you do not get your tank emptied it will eventually begin to smell.  The foul water entering the tank gets treated before it leaves the treatment tank so that it can enter the waterways without causing pollution, however, the sludge remains in the tank and it needs to be emptied yearly – NI Water will desludge your tank once a year for free if you are paying rates 03457440088.


  • You need to service and maintain your waste water treatment tank. Like your car, boiler or stove, your treatment tank needs to be maintained.  If your system fails due to lack of servicing it can be more expensive to repair.  Many people forget about their tank when it is “out of sight” and that is why Depawater contact you every year to remind you to maintain your waste water treatment tank to prevent problems.


  • Are there any storm drains/surface water leading into your treatment tank? Your treatment tank is in place to receive the waste water from your house (toilets, showers, baths, sinks, washing machines), it should not have water from storm drains or any surface water running into it.  If this was to happen, sludge will be transferred into the clean water chamber and this will lead to your tank smelling.  All it takes is for water from one storm drain to enter your treatment tank and you may have issues with SMELLS.


  • If you have a treatment tank then you are responsible for the maintenance of it as part of your consent to discharge approval.  A responsible treatment tank owner will respond quickly if they observe a problem with their tank.  A quick response may save the owner money in repairs and prevent pollution of the environment.  Prevention is better than Cure!
clean water from Tricel treatment tank

Here is a lovely example of the Tricel Vitae 98.6% waste water treatment tank discharging directly into a sheough.

If this outlet pipe was to get blocked then the treated water cannot leave the tank and tank will fill up – this could lead to your toilets in your house backing up!  A problem that no one wants!!

Regular maintenance by Depawater involves checking for blockages and informing the homeowner if they need to remove blockages to prevent their treatment tank from flooding or toilets from overflowing.  Contact us today to enquire about servicing your waste water treatment tank.

If you discover a blockage going into your waste water treatment tank or find there is a blockage in the outlet pipe you will need to get the blockage removed.  If you don’t deal with the blockage, either your toilets will eventually overflow or your tank will flood.  Both these problems will cost more to fix in the long run.

We recommend Glenvale Waste Ltd. based in Armagh for unblocking pipes or completely emptying and cleaning your treatment tank.  They are the leading providers of drain and sewer services across Northern Ireland.

If you are experiencing a problem with your septic tank and it cannot be fixed by servicing or your tank is damaged beyond repair then you could be eligible to have your septic tank replaced through your buildings insuranceContact us.

problem tank

This tank was giving its owner a problem; the toilets in the house were backing up.  This was an ongoing issue.  The homeowner decided to install a new septic tank and chose a Tricel NOVO 95% BOD treatment tank.

If you are replacing your septic tank you want as little disruption as possible.  A Tricel waste water treatment tank is the perfect solution as a replacement tank at an existing property.  Why?


  • SMC structure gives High strength – robust & durable product.
  • Low running costs.
  • Shallow dig needed for installation.
  • Adaptable to ANY site as Risers or a Pumped Outlet can be added if needed.
  • Certified.
  • No concrete backfill is needed for installation.
  • Factory fitted alarm on all systems.
  • The range includes 1-50 PE.
  • You are added to Depawater’s service list and reminded yearly to desludge your tank and maintain it.
  • Affordable and reliable servicing available by our fully qualified and accredited service engineers.
Finished results of installation Tricel Novo tank

Install a Tricel treatment plant.  It can be as simple as this!