Tertiary Treatment System

  • E Coli Treatment efficacy
  • 1 Module for 6PE
  • Plug & Play
  • Low maintenance & running costs
tricel tero

Why choose a Tertiary Treatment System like Tricel Tero?

The Tero is designed to work in partnership with the Tricel Novo for easy Plug and Play connectivity. It is a compact system that is easy to install & simple to maintain.

Ideal for sites with high water tables, rocky ground & small areas where a percolation area isn’t possible.

The Tricel Tero is the perfect solution, with proven E.Coli Treatment capabilities in line with the new EPA requirements (<1000cfu/100ml).

Only one module is needed for 6PE.

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Fully Certified Engineers

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The Tricel Tero treatment modules work in conjunction with Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plants. The treated effluent from the Tricel Novo enters the Tero modules where further treatment then takes place.

Installation is fast and efficient due to the design of the system and its components. Once installed, one of our Tricel engineers will commission the unit, and it is ready for use. Easily installed, highly efficient and very reliable, Tricel Tero is the best sewage treatment system by far.


Simple and easy to maintain, the Tricel Tero treatment system uses coconut coir to treat wasterwater.

The coconut filter provides a high-quality final effluent by means of a natural process. This coconut coir material can easily be topped up or replaced to maintain optimum performance and reliability. These units require minimal maintenance and at a very low cost.

Maintenance Manual 

What size tertiary treatment system do I need?

The Tricel Tero modules are 1078mm (h) x 2444mm (l) x 1012mm (w).

The number of modules required varies depending on the number of people in the house.

See below sizing guidelines:

  • Single house unit with up to 6 people = One module
  • Single house unit with up to 12 people = Two modules
  • Single house unit with up to 18 people = Three modules
  • Single house unit with up to 24 people = Four modules

How does a Tertiary Treatment System like Tricel Tero work?

Stage 1: 
TERO receives secondary treated effluent from a
wastewater treatment plant. The TERO is designed to work
seamlessly with the Tricel NOVO but can also be used with
third-party products, providing that a pumped discharge
with a dose limit is utilised.

Stage 2:  
The pre-treated effluent is dispersed using an easily
serviceable distribution network which ensures the
effluent is distributed evenly and uniformly onto natural
filter media. The effluent filters through the media and
is treated by a combination of biological, chemical and
physical processes. The treated water is transported to the
soil at the base of the tank. 

  • How to interact with the tank

    • To view in Augmented Reality (VR), click the blue icon on the top right-hand corner and simply scan the QR code with your phone.
    • To check the dimensions, click on the ruler icon.
    • To download an image of the Tero module, click on the camera icon. 
    • To view the annotations simply click on the pin icon.


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