Did you know that you are responsible for ensuring that your waste-water treatment system is de-sludged, and maintained annually to comply with your Consent to Discharge Approval?

If you rely on a sewage treatment plant to treat and remove the wastewater produced by your property, Servicing your waste water treatment tank is essential to prevent pollution and ensure the smooth operation and correct levels of performance!

Failing to maintain and service your Waste-water treatment system can lead to discharging poor-quality effluent, resulting in foul odours or even blockages in your Sewers.

Depawater Ltd. offer low cost, affordable Waste-water Treatment Tank service, tailored to suit your needs.  We can keep your Tricel or Klargester Biodisc sewage treatment tank in optimum working order, eliminating the risk of breakdown which can lead to nuisance smells, pollution, or even blocked drains. This will ensure you are compliant with current environmental legislation for your consent to discharge.

Why Service?

  • Prevents sludge overflow leading to pollution
  • Prevents blockages, flooding and system breakdown.
  • Prolongs component lifetime with routine servicing.
  • Professional advice helps you plan your maintenance so you get the best value for money.
  • Servicing your sewage treatment plant is essential to uphold your consent to discharge approval from the NIEA.

Servicing your Sewage Treatment tank regularly will ensure you are not polluting our waterways

clean water from Tricel treatment tank

How often should you service your sewage treatment plant?

It is recommended that you service your sewage treatment tank once a year and the best time to service the tank is after it has been desludged (emptied).  If you are paying rates you are entitled to have your septic tank desludged once a year for free by NI Water.


Do not wait until your sewage treatment tank stops working!

How might you know that something is going wrong with your system?

  • Your tank fills up faster than usual.
  • An offensive odour.
  • An alarm or beeping sound.
  • Damp soggy patches within your garden that weren’t there before.
  • Unusual noises from your system.
DEPA WATER Fight Against Pollution

Tips to keep your Sewage Treatment Plant Healthy!

Water from your washing machine, toilets, baths and sinks all enter your sewage treatment plant so remember these points to keep your system in tip top condition!

  • Do not use too much Biological washing powder in your washing machine!
  • Do not allow fats, oil or grease to enter the treatment plant.
  • Surface water should not be entering the system including storm drains, so make sure these drains are separate.

Depawater Ltd. service Tricel NOVO treatment tanks, service Tricel Vitae treatment tanks and service Klargester Biodisc treatment tanks at competitive prices!  Our Service process includes keeping a Service History of every system we supply to help assist you with planning the important regular Service and Maintenance of your Waste-water Treatment Tank.  Our Service vehicles carry a large selection of spare parts for Tricel NOVOTricel Vitae and Klargester Biodisc wastewater treatment systems.

Servicing a Kingspan Klargester Biodisc tank

kingspan Klargester Biodisc

With three service vehicles providing Wastewater Treatment Tank Service in Northern Ireland, including, County Armagh, County Down, County Antrim, County Derry/L’Derry, County Fermanagh and County Tyrone, you know you can depend on Depawater Ltd. to provide quick, reliable and affordable Waste-water Treatment Tank Service for your domestic or commercial sewage treatment tank whenever you need it.

Depawater’s Service Van

Service van

Our dedicated sewage system engineers deliver a high standard of maintenance solutions to householders throughout Northern Ireland.  They are British Water accredited, giving you the peace of mind that work on your sewage system is carried out competently.

For the best price on Waste-water Treatment Tank Service, Tricel Parts, and Klargester Biodisc parts, Call Depawater Ltd. for Professional, Reliable and Friendly service guaranteed!