Meet the Depawater Sales Team

Our Sales Team here at Depawater Ltd are always at hand to help you choose the most suitable Sewage Treatment Tank Solution for your Home or Commercial Business!

Damien and Joe have 15+years industry experience and extensive knowledge, so you can be sure that you can Trust in them to provide you with a Suitably Sized, Efficient and Effective Tricel Sewage Treatment or Wastewater Treatment Tank, exactly for your needs in Northern Ireland.

See below Damien & Joe at the Selfbuild, Belfast in Feb 2020.


Our Sales Team


Consent to Discharge

Depawater Ltd Sales Team can help you to obtain your Consent to Discharge, for either New or Existing Dwellings, we provide complete assistance for your Consent to Discharge application from Start to Final Approval from the NIEA. Depawater Ltd also provide percolation tests ( drainage tests ) on site, should you need this service to gain your Consent to Discharge Approval.

Providing both Domestic and Commercial Solutions for Wastewater Treatment, our Sales Team will guide you with your enquiry to find the most suitable solution from our Tricel Range of Products and Services to meet your requirements.

Depawater can help you choose the right solution

Our dedicated Sales Team here at Depawater Ltd will also correctly size the appropriate solution to suit your needs for both Domestic or Commercial Sewage Treatment Tanks, for your desired usage, designated occupancy, and compliant to Environmental legislation by following British Water Flows and Loads Code of Practice Guidance.

Providing Tricel Vento Septic Tanks, Tricel Novo and Tricel Vitae Wastewater Treatment Systems, from 6-50 population throughout Northern Ireland, with Comprehensive Warranty, dependable aftercare service, full technical support and prompt delivery, you know you can always Trust and Rely on Depawater Ltd.


Sales advice by Depawater

Professional Service provided by Depawater

These are just some of the reasons why customers continually purchase Tricel products and Services from Depawater Ltd. With Thousands of Tricel Units installed in Northern Ireland and Tens of Thousands Worldwide, Tricel Sewage Treatment Tank Solutions are an established Global Brand that customers recognise and value. Depawater Ltd are proud to offer you Tricel Products and Services at unbeatable value, with professional service you know you can trust!

If you need a new Sewage Treatment Tank Solution or Wastewater Treatment Tank Solution in Northern Ireland, from New Builds to Upgrades, replacement Septic tanks to Service and Maintenance, for Consent to Discharge Approval or Percolation testing. Call our Sales Team Damien or Joe at Depawater Ltd today! We will help find the Right Solution for You!