Sewage Treatment Plants Parts

Depawater offers a range of sewage treatment plants parts and accessories to work with the Tricel Vento septic tank, Tricel Novo and Tricel Vitae wastewater treatment plants as well as Tricel Puraflo.

Distribution Boxes & Risers

From servicing to spare parts, we have all you need to keep your Tricel septic tank or sewage treatment plant in perfect working order, also ensuring the smooth running of the system and the correct level of operational efficiency is maintained. From covers to compressors, distribution boxes to risers, Depawater have everything in stock to suit the Tricel range of septic tanks and sewage treatment plants.

Distribution boxes

As part of the Tricel sewage treatment plant parts range, Depawater offer distribution boxes to help distribute effluent evenly into drainage fields (soakaways).

A Tricel Sampling and Distribution box is a gravity fed sub-surface irrigation solution which provides for the distribution of pre-treated sewage effluent from single domestic dwellings connected to a septic tank or sewage treatment plant and distributes to an underground drainage system. The system operates by discharging fluid effluent through percolation pipes to an underground disposal area via infiltration trenches (soakaway).

Distribution boxes are available for



Risers are available for deeper excavations. When sewer pipes may be located at deeper burial depths risers can be fitted to Tricel septic tanks or sewage treatment plants to provide accessibility for desludging and maintenance of the system once installed at these deeper burial depths.

Risers are available for:


Easy to fit, Tricel risers transform the unit making it uniquely adaptable to all site conditions and deeper excavations.


Tricel riser for Vento septic tank

Risers for Tricel Vento septic tanks are necessary on both the inlet and outlet side of the Vento. Each riser is 180mm high and can be used to a maximum height of four risers.




Riser for Tricel NOVO & VITAE

Risers for Tricel NOVO & Tricel VITAE wastewater plants are available in height 250mm and can be stacked to suit different invert/inlet levels to help with installation where site conditions require a flexible solution.  Up to a maximum of 4 risers can be stacked.


750mm (W) x 890mm (L) x 250mm (H)


Do I need a riser for my Tricel treatment tank?

You only need a riser for your treatment tank if the tank has been installed low in the ground.  The purpose of the riser is to lift the electrical compressor above ground level to prevent it from being water damaged.

Tricel treatment tank in need of a riser

This tank on the left is low in the ground and so the electrical compressor, that is housed inside the green cover, needs to be raised so that it is above ground level.  This is to prevent water from getting in and causing damage.

Tricel treatment tank that has had riser fitted

After the riser is fitted, the electrical compressor is above the ground safely housed inside the cover.

To find out how to install a Tricel treatment tank 250mm riser kit click here.

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